• An exclusive edition of the limited collection of jewellery from the Emerging Artist Elena Bandurka.

  • This collection harmoniously combines different textures and materials, as well as in my installations and paintings.

  • Now you can always carry my mini installations with you in your ears, like a talisman and a piece of Contemporary Art.

Kind regards

Elena Bandurka

Impossible is possible! You always have to hope and go to your goal, even if the circumstances are against you, even if it seems too late, even if it has fallen, and it seems everything, you need to get up and go on and so great goals are achieved.
This new project about the mystique of Japan, about its enchantment. I've always been interested in Japan, I still want to go there. I even have tutorials on the Japanese language, and I learned to write hieroglyphics.

My new work is about the perception of the world around us, about protecting the ecology and space in general, this seabed to coral reefs, bright fish, dancing seaweed, it's like fresh breath, freedom of feelings and harmony with oneself. This is a deep knowledge of yourself, your abilities and realistic actions. The world is huge, the ocean is mad, the striving to squeeze this vortex of emotions and to sink into infinity. The maturity of desires, the ocean, the sea, the water space, is 50% of the person. Who needs protection, cleanliness of action and harmony with everything around.

Hops, this is a restaurant in the sky with a chic look, it's time for work in the office, this is a quality time for reading the whole book, it's delicious food, and a great wine, it's with a fragrance of freshness, it's acquaintance with interesting people, this magnificence of all the abundance of passions Covered in time. This is the cutting of the usual with the unusual, it is teleportation in time, it is the change of time zones, the study of the earth and clouds. Flight is partly to feel like a bird in the sky. It is to learn the thoughts of other people. This is physics and evolution.

  • Lia in a mirror

    I like mystic of black&write , more dip in side a soul ....

  • Horses in Berlin

    Great creativity on street performance ... Dancing by the way.....

  • "Hotel de Rome"

    This trip was for me special , because i was planning different trips , then i changes many times my thinking , then i understand , not in last moment, before 2 weeks , about , i will fly to Berlin for studying, and its was true idea !

  • "Contemporary Art now in Berlin" by Sotheby's Institute of Art

    I just visited Berlin first time and studied course "Contemporary Art in Berlin Today" by Sotheby's institute of Art . It's was amazing course with great organisation , i met many great new friends on a course .

  • "Contemporary Art now in Berlin" by Sotheby's Institute of Art

    Berlin is the city with mixed old and new , history and contemporary compare in Art , life together , beautiful interesting city with great backgrounder , In Berlin live 7000 artist now . Great city , Creative and artistic !