Berlin "Contemporary Art in Berlin Today" by Sotheby's Institute of Art London

      I just visited Berlin first time and studied course "Contemporary Art in Berlin Today" by Sotheby's Institute of Art. It's was an amazing course with a great organisation, I met many great new friends on a course.

This trip was for me special, because I was planning different trips, then I change many times my thinking, then I understand, not in last moment, before 2 weeks, about, I will fly to Berlin for studying, and it was a true idea!

  This great four-day course compare with Gallery weekend, mixed with visited cutting-edge galleries, artists’ studios  ( Monica Bonvicini . Albert Weis ) , museums , ( Hamburger Bahnhof , salon Photographique with Mark Barbey in the Collection Regard Marc Barbey , Collector and Founder of Collection Regard , Berlin ) , and private collections ( Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin me Collectors Room and KW Institute of Contemporary Art) .

 Berlin is the city with mixed old and new, history and contemporary compare in Art, life together, a beautiful interesting city with great backgrounder, In Berlin live 7000 artists now. Great city, Creative and artistic!