Art Basel 2017

Today is Monday, I am leaving with Basel, Switzerland .. This event centre last week was, the Art Capital of the world or Europe. Here flies the whole world, who fanatics from art, who is involved in contemporary art. This time I flew the 4th time. This is my turning point, I realised that I was ready to take part in the exhibitions myself. It took 3 years, as I realised that I want to open the gallery. Then there was no idea what it would be, there was nothing, just then I realised I wanted to open the gallery and I started to fly and collect information that somehow brings me closer to my dream.

 This time I spent a week in Basel, 7 days. I visited the main exhibitions of contemporary art. Volta Basel, Design Miami Basel, Liste Art Fair, Photo Basel, Art Basel, YIA Young International Artists, I also wanted to visit Scope, which was already 2 years ago, but I did not have time to visit it. Based on my memories of two years ago, I can say that this exhibition is also worthy of attention.

The first day I visited Photo Basel, this is a small photo exhibition, located in a beautiful historic building in the centre of Basel. And on the 2nd floor, there is a performance.