Sep. 15, 2017

I presented my new work in Berlin, its name was Sakura, it had Japanese hieroglyphics, I wrote them out from the fame. I worked on this work for several days, the idea of ​​making this series visited me before I went to Berlin. I was always attracted to the East and decided in this series to hold an association with Japan and with its beautiful cherry blossom. Also, I was inspired by my trips in June to Art Basel in Switzerland and to Spain for a couple of days. This work at the moment is just part of one big idea, one big scale project. In the future, this work may be supplemented with other parts as well.
 Sakura as spring, the beginning of a beautiful emotional state in the middle of the night, Reflecting the light of the moon on a full moon. This fragrance is revealed every day. The idea is. that would convey the idea that you need to enjoy every day.

Aug. 7, 2017

I, Elena Bandurka, was born on 04/04/1985 in the city of Zhitomir in Ukraine. She studied at the Lyceum of Arts in the city of Kharkov, after she was trained at the special Faculty of Economics and Law at two universities, the Kharkov National University and the National Polytechnic University, and she studied for a lawyer and management. In 2003, I became more interested in politics and planned to enter a magistracy at the University of Maastricht, but there was a turning point after one trip to Scotland. In 2003, I went to Scotland with a cousin to Scotland for 3 weeks to attend English language courses. We lived in the family of the artist, and in his house paintings were hung everywhere. These pictures seemed to talk to me, and I wanted to take the brush in my hands. On my return to Ukraine, I drew sketches. I did not think about it and did not know where to get art materials, canvases and paints. But a year later, in Nice, when I was learning French at another language school, just as I was strolling around Nice, I came across a large impressive store for artists. It was a shock and delight, of course, I found this occasion, as an opportunity to purchase the first canvases, brushes and paints. I remember how I was greeted at the airport by the customs, ready to customs clearance of my paintings, but it turned out to be surprising, they were just empty canvases.
    The first works, this is the realization on the canvas of impressions, feelings and intuition of a combination of paint. When I started looking for books on textbooks on painting, just tried different styles of inspiration, a couple of times I went to some lessons in painting, design, where they taught me to understand the drawing. Life was going on, I did not take my hobby seriously, I graduated from university, I went to work for the Committees from the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time, I started to go on vocals again. Creativity was constantly present in my life, and this is apparently the natural evolution of personality.
  On the 25th anniversary of my organization, I organized the first exhibition of my paintings for my relatives and friends and all comers, this was my first step, before that I only gave my works.
  By 2012, I changed myself and changed my view of my technique in painting, I began to see the world in a different way and perceive, and I decided that I needed to fly to the contemporary art fair. The first Fair was Art Basel. This is a very vivid impression, exactly 3 years ago. And the more often I started attending fairs on contemporary art, the more I began to understand, to delve into contemporary art, to admire it more and more. To love art, and there was a passion for learning all the information relating to Art in general.
 In my work, I came to the fact that I want to convey to the viewer the problem of ecology all over the world, just as inspiration spills out on the canvas impressions from trips, from communication with people on travel. My language in pictures and installations, and in photography, speaks for details related to the story.
 I like to work with any materials, put meaning into artwork and fill, and surround the beauty of the world as a whole. And also fill every job with warmth and energy laid in the creation process, this is a passion for art, for life in general.

Jun. 25, 2017

Contemporary art and earlier art, in my opinion, have something in common. These are the hidden signs in the works, the hidden meaning. I think I need to be a little philosopher, that would come up with this all. Art hides from us the signs of this or that century. Modern art speaks of problems in the world, it's not just beautiful, but it also gives us thought about our existence. What the world needs to protect from dirt. I started to learn art from 1860, then there are different animals in the pictures near naked girls and it means they are of easy virtue or not.

Jun. 21, 2017

I found very innovative paintings at Volta 13 Art Fair in Basel last week. Her portraits the best showed how fantasy can be creative. The creative mood on looking on people, on looking on would.  Her Painting looking the same thing between past time and nowadays, looking positive and nice. Emotionally touch or mind, touch our eyes and understanding. She painting her portraits with children face and formal dress.

She was studied painting at the Royal Academy, London, 1990-1993, and based now and works in Cornwall. she has many solo exhibitions. She notable awards prize includes the National Open Art Prize in 2013.

Jun. 21, 2017

Before my flights, now this luggage only go home, they lost yesterday in Paris.